Friday, April 23, 2010

Kite Festival

This past Staurday the girls and I went to the St. George Kite festival...We had a blast! It was HOT! I got about 5 shades darker but that's ok....Black is beauty :-)

So, it took a while before we got Em's shark kite up but we did and this sure brought back some memories of being back home in Jamaica.............Good, innocent fun times!

The girls wanted to enjoy a few more fun things, so they went rock climbing. I must say my daughters have no fear except for bugs :-)

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Roots from Jamaica!

Cheryl was born in Kingston, Jamaica. My roots are very deep from the island. Although, I spent most of my teen years in New York and am an american now, I still hold dear to those deep roots. The culture on raising kids, education, life, love, family and food. Mi luv mi mango!
Did you know that Jamaica has over 15 different species of mangoes? Mango is known as the fruit of the tropics. Mangoes are used in a variety of ways in the Caribbean. Green mangoes are used in hot sauces and condiments, while ripe mangoes appear in desserts and candies and in drinks. The best varieties of mangoes are the Bambay, East Indian, St. Julian and Hayden.
Jamaica also have over 20 different species of fruits!